Physical Description

General Physical Condition

At a glance Durella seems somewhat frail, but she can be seen carrying her cauldrons and tendering her garden with little trouble. All in all if she has any ailments she hides them well.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A quiet woman who keeps to herself, it is said this fort was built around her shack, and that she lived in these woods long before the encampment was taken by the initial vanguard. Command keeps most of the information surrounding her a secret, but their are whispers she has direct ties to a local deity.

Mental Trauma

It is unclear what happened to the druid prior to the founding of the camp, but something inhibited her memory and continues to impede her. She has made great strides since the founding of Fort Vegapath, but if one spends enough time with her it becomes clear something is wrong.
Current Location
The FirstCircle