Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a mountain range at the east of Keandra and de-facto a part or extension of Sabes' Shield. They are home to many clans of Orc who used to live pecefully in this difficult to access area.
For almost two decades now, the Blue Mountains are the place of a large scale invasion by the Keandrans, who want to be able to use the vast resources of Iron, Cobalt, Aluminium und Nickel in the mountains to further their industrial and military progress. This is also accompanied by a prejudiced stance against Orcs in general and has shaped up into an ugly guerilla-war.

Notable Places



In the very center of the mountain range, there is the mysterious Skytower. A high tower rising up from one of the highest mountain peaks that stood there since the first Orcs arrived in these lands. It inspired the mysticism of the orcs for centuries, especially since it was long impossible to reach that structure. Fifteen years ago, the orcen Scout Harash the Climber managed to reach the tower.However, he found no entrance or windows and the structure was completely sealed off. He marked in his notes that the tower was made of giant stone blocks but could not give an explanation of how they got there. His expedition needed to be cut short, as the weather had worsened quickly.

Petrified Waterfall

A beautiful sight and a weird trick of nature is the petrified waterfall. The blue mountains gained their name from the abundance of blue-ish colored rocks. These are most prominently seen in a structure washed out of the rocks, a structure that looks like a 300 meters high waterfall - but is completely solid rock. In fact, this is one of the driest areas within the whole mountain range - and the difficult to reach petrified waterfall had lured many desperate and certain wanderers to their dry ends.
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