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Nightfeather Task Force Roles

When the Nightfeather Lodge arranges a task force for a mission, there are some roles that the leader of the mission can choose to include in the mission. Few missions will include all the roles, as each mission will need a different set of roles to succeed.


Needed Skills
Swiftness of feet and mind

Nightfeather Runner (sketch/WIP) by Milladamen

Sometimes a mission includes distracting someone, like the city guards. This is the job of the Runners. Usually, their job is to do a smaller crime somewhere close, luring the guards to follow them away from the scene of the mission. On some missions, there might be more than one Runner as there might be more than one set of guards that will need to be lured away. The Runners work closely with the nearest Sentinel, communicating through Winging where the guards are and in which direction they need to be lured.

Runners are chosen from the lower ranks of the Lodge as they have the highest risk of getting arrested. It's riskier to get arrested for higher-ranking members for several reasons, including the risk of leaking information, and that's not mentioning the dent in their pride. If the Runner is arrested they are usually broken out of prison quickly if possible as a perk of having one of the riskiest roles. The Runner is expected to run quick enough and think quick enough to not get caught, however, and the holder of the role is specifically chosen for their ability to get away.


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