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Memory Scars

Memories of especially traumatic experiences will leave scars in the mind. The sufferers might relive these memories over and over again. There is no known cure for Memory Scars, but some seem to get better at handling the symptoms over time.
Nouka, Druidic Healer


Memory Scars are caused by especially traumatic memories and experiences.


The main symptom of Memory Scars are the memory flares - when memories of past horrors resurface and completely envelop the sufferer's mind. The mind thinks the sufferer is back in that exact same situation that the memory came from, with reactions and emotions flooding back. It's just like being back in that same situation all over again. For the sufferer it seems just as real as when it first happened.

This results in other symptoms, like trying to avoid anything that might remind them about the memory and thus preventing the memory flares from appearing. The sufferer might become moody, anxious, and tense.


How to treat Memory Scars is unknown. Though there are some druids in the Circle of Mynelion who have specialised in the art of helping the sufferer gain the right tools and mindset to better handle the symptoms. It doesn't work on everyone, but it can be tremendously helpful for some.


Many people will get Memory Scar like symptoms after experiencing something horrible. Most will lose the symptoms after some time.

It's when the symptoms doesn't get better it becomes apparent that the wounds in the mind has become Memory Scars.

Cultural Reception

The sufferers of Memory Scars might become isolated, not because people are afraid of catching it themselves or anything like that. It's just hard to relate to someone suddenly reliving a painful memory when you don't know what to do to help, and nothing you try seems to help. There might be a lingering fear that a memory flares up at any time without warning, which makes people who don't know what Memory Scars are, or how to help the sufferer through it, wary of being around the person.

With some education, however, together with actually talking to the sufferer about what they need and how to help, it's easier to limit the number of memory flares by avoiding the situations that make them flare. With that said, there aren't many who know anything about Brain Scars on Shireon and the information is not readily available, especially far from the largest cities.

I'm not saying it's easy to be around a person with Memory Scars. Just remember that it's much easier for you to be around them than it is for them to suffer through it.
Nouka, Druidic Healer

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