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Nouka Irevos

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nouka Irevos was born as the first child of Prince Ilmonar Irevos and Alenia Viari. This was seen as quite the controversy as Alenia got pregnant before they got married, but it pressured King Rennan to allow them to get married as the nobility drama of a child born outside wedlock in the royal family would be worse than marrying a commoner.

Nouka went through childhood as all female-born nobles did - learning about how noblewomen should behave in different situations. They never felt completely comfortable with the gender differences in nobility and etiquette, especially considering what activities a Lady should or should not do. In the beginning, they thought everyone had it like this, but as they grew older it was clear that other kids just seemed more comfortable with their assigned gender.

Luckily their parents were supportive, but the king warned about letting Nouka keep their unladylike behavior in public. The reputation of the house was too important to be "sullied by bad etiquette." In private Nouka was allowed to be themself, but in all settings outside home, they were ordered to behave as a Lady should.

Nouka left Vobranas as soon as they turned 15 to go study Druidcraft. The Kuprian nobility was too restrictive for them to be themself and enjoy life. Their parents were sad, but understanding.

Enarion was a much better place for Nouka, as Enari nobles didn't care much about gender in social situations.

Raw notes since running out of time for lightning challenge
  • Trained as a druid and became a competent healer
  • Helped their cousin Queen Talanashta to start pushing Kuprian etiquette towards a more inclusive direction. This work was continued when their father Ilmonar became king, and although it's still far from perfect the general acceptance of nonbinary nobles have become better. More nobles have come out as nonbinary as well since then.

Gender Identity


They, them

Year of Birth
2046 AE 66 Years old
Ruled Locations

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Jun 17, 2019 19:59 by Matthieu A.

Thankfully for them, the king was very supportive. From his perspective, Nouka has been trouble since before they were even born. Them being accepted made me feel glad, and that's wonderful that they were able to leave for a better place.   Thanks for sharing despite running out of time, Milla. :) If you expand the article later, I'd gladly give feedback on the layout!