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"You look rather bubbly tonight, friend."

"Yeah, I had a headache and didn't have time to wait for the bubblebreath to end."

— Conversation between two sirens


The only way to get bubblebreath is to consume summerkelp, a sea weed often eaten to relieve headaches. As bubblebreath is far from lethal, most aren't turned off of it by mere bubbles as it's definitely not as bad as a throbbing headache.


The affected will generate excessive amounts of bubbles through their gills. Not only does it look silly, it tickles quite a lot as well.


There are no ways to treat bubblebreath. You're stuck with it until it passes.


Even though having bubblebreath is quite the horrible fate, it will pass in a few hours.

That is, if the affected doesn't eat more summerkelp, of course.


There is only one way to prevent bubblebreath: Not eat summerkelp.


Bubblebreath was discovered by chance when a young siren ate summerkelp as a dare. The bubbles were amusing for the young gang. The phenomenon spread quickly among young sirens, soon becoming a well-known prank or party trick.

One day someone noticed their lingering headache was gone after eating summerkelp. This information soon spread like wildfire through the siren population. A few decades later it had already become a well-known remedy all over Vutara Bay.

Cultural Reception

Since summerkelp is used as a remedy for an ailment as common as headaches, people don't really care too much if someone has bubblebreath. However, it is seen as a bit rude to not stay home until the bubbles have disappeared. Among the higher class population it is considered crude and not appropriate in polite company, though.

Chemical Compound
Affected Species

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