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Beware the Choloth

"Go to bed, child."

"But I'm not tired!"

"Just remember that children who stay up late is the prey of the Choloth..."


The Choloth is a mythological creature widespread in the southern parts of Kupria, as well as some parts of Vulborim. The creature itself doesn't exist in real life, but is a much used story to tell children when they don't behave properly.

Eat Your Vegetables

A much used excuse used by parents is that the Choloth is drawn by uneaten cooked vegetables. Children tend to not like the taste of vegetables, so parents are using all the dirty tricks they know. It's not rare to hear a parent tell their children "Eat your vegetables, or the Choloth will come tonight!"

Stealing Children

The main reason the Choloth is used as a threat is that it is said to steal children away from their family. What the Choloth does with the children it steals varies from town to town, or even family to family, but it's usually something that sounds horrendous to a child. Some parents don't even say what the Choloth does, they just warn about how naughty kids get stolen followed by a slight shudder or other show of fear or disgust.

Not Real

Most children, especially children getting old enough to reason, know that the Choloth isn't real. When children get close to their teenage years it's considered childish and cowardly to still believe in the Choloth.

Younger children getting to that age where the Choloth starts to sound unlikely to exist usually start pushing their limits somewhat, but often chicken out after pushing for a little while, doing what they're told just in case the Choloth really exists.


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17 Jul, 2019 20:01

Hello milladamen, how did you like HeffĂ©'s stream today? I thought it was really fun. But enough talk, it's time to get feedback on your children's story Beware the Choloth.   I love that you mentioned what happens to people who stop believing in the Choloth. It's like when you find out Santa Claus isn't real, but in reverse; you're relieved that there aren't any monsters that'll eat you for not eating your vegetables.   One little typo I have to point out: "that children who stay up late are the prey..."   Another thing that I think the article really needs is a description of the Choloth. Does it have nasty sharp teeth (like the cover image)? Giant claws? Is it really big in size, towering over children? Having a physical description makes it more real for the children, even if it likely isn't consistent from place to place.   Alright, see you later milladamen :D