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See that crown on their crest? That means royalty. House Arbelladon is the family of Queen Loranel. They're kind of a big deal.

— Enari Scholar

When speaking about the noble houses of Enarion it's natural to start with House Arbelladon. The house of Queen Loranel of Enarion is the second longest reigning house on Shireon - only the Eternal Chieftain of Vulborim has held the rule of a nation for longer.

Yet, for how much longer will they rule?


As all noble houses of Enarion, the head of House Arbelladon is their Matron. Unlike all other noble houses in Enarion, this Matron is also the head of the Queendom of Enarion. The title of Matron goes from mother to daughter. If the matron has no daughter, the title goes to the closest female relative. If there are no female relatives able to inherit the title, it goes to the closest male relative, starting with the Matron's son.

In the case of House Arbelladon, as long as they hold the throne the title of Matron is, of course, replaced by the title of queen.

Current State

Everyone in Enarion knows that House Arbelladon has a huge problem. There are only two members of the house still alive: Queen Loranel and her son, Folnasar. As Enarion has a heavily matrilinear culture, the fact that the throne might be passed to a male heir is nothing less than a scandal. It's all made worse by the fact that the queen seems to have taken a female lover, which does make it harder to make an heir. And, to be frank, what House Arbelladon really needs is a female heir, after all.

Most people are quite sure the rule of House Arbelladon will be over at some point during the next millennium. Yet, those who want House Arbelladon to keep the throne, live in the hope that either Queen Loranel or Prince Folnasar will produce a daughter who can prevent the house from dying out.

Family Leader

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