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As a part of one of the oldest noble houses in Enarion - actually, probably on Shireon - we have a certain responsibility to uphold at least some kind of standard of conduct. I will not accept any of you to sully our name by acting like common rabble.

— Matron Elanaith of House Alamaris

House Alamaris is one of the oldest noble house on Shireon. Established more than five hundred years before the Arrival of the Elders, it is approximately 2650 years old at this time and date. Few dynasties have lasted for this long through history.

It's somewhat surprising that such an important noble house never held the throne at any time in history, but that's perhaps how they've survived this long. Not fighting for the crown is generally a safe choice. After all, House Alamaris doesn't need a queen in their line to prove they're important.


The head of the house is the Matron. This title is inherited from mother to oldest daughter. If the Matron has no daughters, the title will pass to the Matron's oldest surviving sister, oldest surviving niece, oldest surviving female cousin, or oldest female cousin's oldest surviving daughter, in prioritized (descending) order.

If no female member of the house is alive, the closest male member of the matron will be chosen as the next leader, though it's important that this male gets a daughter, and that the father-daughter relationship can't be contested. Considering how the enari culture doesn't really make it easy to always know who a child's father is, this is harder than it would seem.

After the Matron, the command structure continues with the first heir of the house, then all other female descendants of the Matron, then the sons of the Matron, then everyone else.


House Alamaris isn't just one of the oldest noble houses in Enarion, it's also one of the largest. Though their wealth has waxed and waned through the ages, the latest centuries have been kind to the house's wealth. Its wealth is now at the highest it has been in almost a thousand years.

Aside the monetary wealth, House Alamaris own several houses in and outside Thalor Alari to house its members. The grandest of these buildings are found inside the capital city in the complex called Stag's Court. This is where the Matron and her closest family live. At this moment, this complex is inhabited by Matron Elanaith and her children Kealee and Velethuil.

Family Culture

House Alamaris is historically known to be the most conservative of the noble houses of Enarion, and have a slight reputation of having a condescending and arrogant outlook on things. The reputation isn't too far off from reality, at least for the house members in the latter half of their lives. However, most members younger than half a millennium has broken up with these stereotypes.

Still, there's a lot of internal pressure in the family to act your social status and not damage the house's reputation and good standing. This has always been important for House Alamaris, and the current Matron, Elanaith, is adamant about keeping it so.

Eternal Prime

Founding Date
BE 536 (approx. 2650 years ago)
Alternative Names
House Alamaris
Family Leader
Notable Members

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Dec 15, 2020 16:55 by TC

Damn, this is a huge dynasty, I'm impressed they managed to last this long!

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Feb 23, 2021 18:41 by Camilla S

They kinda cheat by having lifespans that's lasting close to a thousand years if they're not killed by anything else than old age, so technically it isn't that much weirder than our dynasties lasting for 500-ish years, I think xD

And if I'm wrong and a dynasty has no way of lasting that long, I'm gonna blame it on the Alamaris stubbornness :P