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A green continent, covered in dense forests and small villages intertwined with the trees and root systems. Towards the centre of the continent are large mountains covered in humid jungles and perpetual rain soaked forests.


Varilian Is covered in a variety of dense forests and farmland.

Fauna & Flora

The edge

The edge of the continent are home to many farming towns growing all manner of crops and raising various kinds of live stock from cattle to sheep. Also right on the coast of the continent there are many old fishing villages where that land used to meet the oceans of the world, that have survived the upheaval, the magic holding the continent together retaining some of it’s costal waters that teem with life.


  • Varilian
    Varilian is one of the 6 major land masses of the Shattered Realms that make up Gilieth, it is a continent of tall grasslands, thick forests and humid jungles.
Alternative Name(s)
The verdant continent
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