The Subi (su'-bee)

This carrack carries freight for the merchant house of Roald in Ivat.   The ship is owned by Sarah Thompson, Kristiana Ladysmith, and Meganad Taubenheim, business partners in Ivat, and captained by Aryadack Kay Starvor, originally from Tyrg. The Subi is contracted primarily, though not exclusively, to the Roald merchant house.  

Family Significance

This cargo ship is notable primarily for its key role in the near collapse and then salvation of the Roald house. After a number of lost ships, defaulted deliveries and loans, and failed negotiations, the Roald house was under enormous debt and facing imminent and utter ruin. Only a single ship was expected with the relief of profitable cargo, and the Subi was late and her fate unknown, and the Roald house could not find credit to pay previous creditors. With loans in default and seizure likely, Osian Roald went to his rival Sandis in a desperate bid to borrow enough to last until the Subi's arrival.   Sandis, at last having the object of a long personal hatred within his grasp, set the price of his credit high—the sale of a child. As the Roald house would all soon be sold for debt without his aid, he argued, it was not so unreasonable to save the rest by the sale of one, so that they would know what they owed to his generosity even through animosity.   Caught between the loss of a single child and the coming foreclosures and seizures, Osian Roald agreed to sell his youngest son, Luca. He went home and broke the news to Luca bare moments before the slavers arrived.   The Subi arrived two days after Luca was taken. The cargo did not clear the Roald house of debt, but it brought enough relief that Osian Roald went directly to Sandis and paid off the principle of the loan. He did not, however, go to redeem his son, and he has never spoken on this point.  
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120 feet
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
250 tons of cargo, 30 passengers


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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
4 Oct, 2021 23:20

What a tragic story!

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Eternal Sage LauraVAB
Laura VanArendonk Baugh
5 Oct, 2021 20:48

Right? At least it's all backstory, and we get a lot from Luca in the books. But yes, a helluva family ride.   Thanks for stopping by to read!