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Ancients: Seattle

The headquarters of the Ancients in Seattle.

Purpose / Function

Most of the building is used as training grounds and a place to lay low. Very small amounts of the building are used as living space. Most members are expected to spend little time here, although higher-ups and support members tend to use this area extensively.   There is an underground garage for riggers and mechanics, but regular folk are not allowed to use it.


For the most part, the building has been left as-is. The first four stories are dilapidated, although reinforced.   The top two floors have been extensively converted to provide support for the leaders of this branch of the gang - including working space, meeting rooms, lounges and enough space for one person to live there at a time. A lift allows access to these from all floors, but it is protected by keycard access.   The underground floors have also been modified extensively, providing safe storage for expensive vehicles and drones as well as areas for repair and maintenance.
Parent Location
Characters in Location
Ancients HQ (Seattle)

Note: The above map shows the 4th floor, where the gang leaders work.

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