Wreck The Halls

While this one-shot was written with Shadowrun in mind, it can be played in any modern or cyberpunk setting. Sample Characters can be found here.
Early in the morning, the runners are contacted by their Fixer with a job offer at Bellevue: A Mr. Johnson wants the runners to sabotage some of his neighbors' Christmas decorations. He'll pay handsomely for it, especially if the runners manage to do the sabotage quietly. This means they'll have to infiltrate a gated community, preferably without fighting local security.   The runners get to meet their Johnson at a construction site he's overseeing. He explains that his neighbors always overdo it with their Christmas decorations and it's really getting on his nerves. He wants the runners to sabotage the three most obnoxious ones today. Each will get them 3k each, plus an additional 1k if the sabotage stays hidden until the decorations are turned on.

Billy Robertson III

Birth Year
Heavy Bioware
Billy Robertson III is a third-generation real estate mogul who owns a lot of property in Seattle, which includes the gated neighborhood where he lives. He's a pleasant neighbor, despite his grumpiness. Unfortunately he can't say the same about his neighbors. Each year they compete with each other about having the most showy Christmas decorations, a competition that is utterly getting out of hand.   After having had to install noise-cancellation devices in his yard last year, Billy has decided enough is enough. He now is hiring runners to sabotage the worst offenders and send a message. He also sent all security a special holidays package, including a free cruise, leaving only temporary rookies in their place. This makes it easier on the runners, but also has let some of his neighbors hiring saboteurs themselves.

Getting In
The clock ends at twilight, so the runners are in a rush. First they need to get into the community. Digging around reveals security consists of unfamiliar rookies right now, making it easier to bluff their way in. They could pose as interested buyers, animal control, part of a utility company, whatever excuse they can come up with. Or just sneak in while invisible.   Once inside, the runners can gossip with home owners, kids, the postman and even security patrols, to find out more info on their targets. The team can also discover they're not alone. Difficult Perception Tests show the carolers secretly sneaking microdrones onto power cables, or that the landscapers are hiding jammers in the bushes. They're not after the same targets though.
Billy Robertson III
Job Type
Various forms of security
Base Rewards
¥9,000 each
6 Karma
Word on the street
"Berville? Ain't that the rich neighborhood with all the obnoxious holiday decorations?"
"Burke's place is heavily fenced in. I hear the postman won't deliver there on account of her magical guard dogs."
"Harris is a jerk, but his kids are worse. Frickin' brats are always pulling pranks and firing goop with those toy guns of theirs."
"Marsh? Ah right, the drone lady. Her lawn drones use sharp knives to cut grass and ankles. And her owl drones are straight-up vicious."

The Naughty List & The King's Men
The first target, Chelsea Burke, lives by herself behind 2m high fences. She has a massive Christmas tree planted on top of her roof, with the tip over 20m above the ground. Anything that causes the tree or lights to fail, will count as sabotage. The complication? Her frontyard is guarded by 3 Barghests, while her backyard has a pack of 5 Hell Hounds lazing around. Fortunately they're untrained so easily bribed or drugged.   Zachary Harris has not only wrapped his entire house with superbright twinkling lights, but also put an entire village of shiny snowmen in his yard. Even worse are his three pre-teen children, armed with toy guns firing sticky goo. The kids will fire at anyone and anything within reach. It's a good thing their aim ain't great. The lights are solely powered by a generator, so sabotaging the cords or generator will suffice.
Lastly, Daisy Marsh builds drones for Microdeck and loves to tinker in her free time. Her yard has a small steam train making laps, meanwhile attached to her house a flying sled with shouting Santa is being pulled by noisy reindeer. All of these must perish. They're guarded by aggressive lawnmower drones with sharp twirling knives, as well as owl drones that attack anyone walking on her grass.   Security currently consists of nothing but cowardish rookies. If the runners cause a big fuss, they will not call for police backup but will instead try to chase the runners out from a safe distance. Thanks to their incompetence, their response time is also rather slow. Any alarm gives the runners an entire minute, which means enough time to hide behind some of the convenient foliage.


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Dec 13, 2022 13:59 by Chris L

I love these bite-sized adventures that you make. I aspire to pack in this much fun with my adventures, but I could never match your brevity!

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Dec 13, 2022 16:02 by Michael Chandra

Glad you like it! I must admit, I also love the detailed adventures others write. The origin of my structure is a sales-pitch I made, but it also works nicely for just putting down the plot and leaving the details to the GM.

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