Privateer Eye | A Shadowrun One-Shot

Privateer Eye

While this one-shot was written with Shadowrun in mind, it can be played in any modern or cyberpunk setting. Sample Characters can be found here.
While on 'vacation' in London, the runners are contacted by their Fixer with a rather peculiar job offer: A Mrs. Johnson needs her husbands rescued out of the hands of a Megacorp. They are provided a recorded message from their Johnson, who is on the run from said Megacorp. Their reward is held in escrow by their Fixer, but they cannot reach their Johnson for questions.   The Mrs. Johnson is a pirate captain by the name of Sable, who recently lost almost her entire crew during a failed raid on a Proteus AG supply vessel. The crew was captured rather than killed, including Sable's husbands. Now Sable is on the run and needs a second party to find and free her husbands, and maybe the rest of the crew as well.


Birth Year
Significant Bioware
Sable is a pirate captain in the North Sea with two husbands, going by the handles of Cutlass and Machete. Sable's crew uses stealth ships to raid merchant vessels. They tend to strike during bad weather, which some say they cause with magic. There's some truth to that rumor, as Sable's own ship is possessed by a Free Spirit that aids her raids.   Four days ago, Sable's Privateers raided a Proteus AG ship and unknowingly stole some data drives with crucial paydata. A scientist had hidden said drives in a cookie tin, which one of the pirates stole. Afterwards Proteus put out bounties on the crew and, with help of a traitor, tricked Sable and crew into raiding a well-defended vessel. Proteus managed to capture most of the crew, with an entire fleet now trying to capture Sable.

The Run
First the team must find out where Proteus took the prisoners. Proteus has made that easy: The Matrix is filled with chatter about the bounties they put out on Sable's crew. With some digging, the runners can discover that their primary research vessel is where Proteus asked informants to come and meet up. With the right bribes or pressure, they can find the exact coordinates.   Said research vessel is essentially the flagship of the Proteus fleet, and normally well-protected. Of course right now the entire fleet is on the hunt, leaving the ship rather defenseless. With help of some enterprising smugglers, the team can approach the ship undetected and sneak on board. Once they find most of the crew, they're told some are still being questioned, including Cutlass.
Job Type
Proteus AG security
Base Rewards
¥10,000 each
7 Karma
Word on the street
"I am a pirate, and today I need help stealing the most important bounty there is: My husbands."
"Man, Proteus is clearly pissed at Sable's Privateers. They put large bounties out on every single one of them! Wonder what they stole?"
"I have no idea how they saw us coming. Hell, I don't know how they got us. It's as if they rigged the entire ship with hidey-holes to ambush us from!"
"We'll take care of him. We take care of our own. Even the traitors. A quick death is too good for a dirty maggot like him."

The Complications
By now the runners should have realised the crew was captured way too easily. They're about to find out why. After they defeat the torturers and rescue the rest of the crew, one of the pirates covertly sets off an alarm. Now the team and pirates must fight their way out before the Proteus fleet gets back home.   The traitor, by the name of Talon, was paid off by Proteus. Ironically, Talon was also the one that stole the biscuit tin. If not caught setting off the alarm, he'll give himself away by fleeing later on. If he is captured alive, Sable's husbands will ask the runners to let them take care of him.
The Aftermath
Sable's ship meets up with the team under cover of a massive storm that causes incredible damage to the fleet. Everyone makes their getaway, and soon after Talon is sent back to Proteus AG in many different boxes. Meanwhile, the pirates aren't stupid: They realised they must have stolen something big, dug through everything they had taken, and found the data drives. Then they sold them to the highest bidder.   Proteus is pissed, and has tripled their bounties on the Privateers. Fortunately for the Runners, the corp is unaware of their involvement. They're strongly advised to keep it that way.


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