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Overmind and Undermind

The two ancient Spore Minds that control Glimmertown. They are rare examples of their kind in that they are highly symbiotic in their relationship, and their fungal networks are intertwined across hundreds of kilometres of twisting tunnels throughout the lower levels of the Abscula. Despite this intimate proximity, they have resisted the usual pattern of subsuming each other into a single consciousness. Instead they have retained distinct and separate consciousnesses that have remained separate for thousands of years.   Violent conflict between the two is rare, but not unknown. When violence occurs it is brief, and resolved with minimal destruction of either consciousness.   The two minds have been known to compete feverishly with each other. They will occasionally spar through the spreading of rumour, misinformation, and outright lies between their networks. Suspicion, intrigue and petty revenges can be commonplace when these conflicts occur.   From an outsiders perspective, this can seem horrendous, as this behaviour can sometimes escalate into the deaths of thousands of individuals across the network. Deaths are not seen of as highly negative across the Ferment though, more as a natural part of the cycle of life. As a result, many believe though, that it is the Spore Minds' idea of fun.   Some liken the relationship between the Overmind and the Undermind to the competitive and playful teasing of close siblings. Visitors are often caught in the chaos of these stoushes though, and while the Overmind at least tries to lessen the damage to outsiders, the unwary can easily end up as compost in the Rotting Depths.

The Overmind

The Overmind controls the upper layers of the Abscula and Zylem Wells of Glimmertown, and has developed the relationships with the Greencrest Venari that protect the skies above.   Due to its proximity to the outside world, the Overmind is the more extroverted of the two. It has developed relationships and even diplomacy with foreign factions over time, including trade with outsiders, and the lucrative tourism centred in the upper layers of Glimmertown.   Due to the constant presence of outsiders within its network, The Overmind has developed a strong affinity and understanding of the Kin and others that spend time within. It has also recently begun the import and use of Bodyservants which it controls with its spores to act as its face and voice to outsiders and as an ever-present hospitality workforce for these visitors.  

The Undermind

The Undermind by contrast is reclusive and dark to outsiders. it dwells mostly in the lower levels of the Abscula and into the Rotting Depths. It controls the intake of energy from the volcanism beneath Glimmertown, the distribution of the magical energy to itself and to the Overmind, as well as the recycling of the organics dropped to it from the layers above. The Undermind also controls the hundreds of The Fever Mounds that surround Glimmertown and are its most feared defence.   The Undermind holds the balance of the magical power within the relationship between the two, but is reliant its sibling for much needed nutrients, water and information from the world above.
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