Fey Chi

The Fey Chi are shy and highly elusive creatures found deep in forests that contain connections to the feywild. They resemble small dogs with large eyes that are pearlescent and reflective, and wide pointed ears. They are covered in a smooth and short silvery white fur that seems to almost shine with pale blue light. they are small - weighing in at only 2kg, and once bonded to a master become incredibly loyal and affectionate pets - and ones that can prove quite a boon for those in need of protection.   Fey Chi are incredibly perceptive, and with an uncanny ability to simply disappear in any natural environment, they can only be found if they wish it.   Despite their timidity, they are very inquisitive, intelligent and social creatures. Fey Chi will often observe people travelling in their forests for days without ever being noticed. If they decide that whoever they are observing is not a threat, they may make themselves known, and then probably only one at a time.  
"The first thing you'll see, is their eyes glowing white-blue in the undergrowth. Don't be afraid. If they've let you see their eyes, you're halfway to bonding with them already. But whatever you do, don't make any sudden moves or you'll regret it, trust me. And hide your hunting bow. In fact, best leave that at home."
Milas Grenfert, Trailmaster of Omberstad

Bonding with a Fey Chi

The only way to truly bond with a Fey Chi is to earn its trust. This is a delicate process which requires much patience and empathy, and a whole lot of luck.   First, you must choose a likely spot, such as a shadow-dappled glade deep within untouched forests. Good locations have been reported on the edges of the forests of Ophillias or those on the sunward islands of Uferbrech.   Second, you will need to lay out treats to attract the Fey Chi and alert them to your good intentions. Success has been reported using delicacies such as marinated shroomsteaks from Glimmertown , spice-fried insects from Ardi-Kokufa and in particular, generous bowls of Firewine from the Shimmerlands.   Third, you must display absolute reverence to the home forest of the Fey Chi. This requires you to live, sleep and eat under the Fey Chi's direct observation for as long as it takes. This can take weeks, if it happens at all.   Most importantly, any display of aggression toward the Fey Chi, or unnecessary destruction to the plants or animals within the Fey Chi's home, is disastrous for any attempted bonding. If the destruction is particularly wilful, excessive or cruel, it will raise the ire of the Fey Chi, and may cause immediate reprisals, or even lifelong vendettas.   Finally - if all has gone well - a Fey Chi may approach you. This is the moment where you will need to remain calm, and let them come to you. They are easily startled, and once frightened, will flee, never to return. The final moment is when they let you feed them by hand. Once this has occured, the bonding is complete, and the Fey Chi will jump into your arms - a friend for life.  

The Leader of the Pack

Once bonded with your first Fey Chi, it becomes highly likely that others will seek you out. No-one knows why, but when someone bonded with a Fey Chi sleeps, they will sometimes wake to discover another has joined them and has curled up alongside. This does not happen every time, but there have been known cases of druids or rangers who live long in the wilderness, to have collected about them packs of 20 or more Fey Chi over the course of their travels.   Newly arrived Fey Chi will be automatically bonded with you.  

Breaking bonds with a Fey Chi

While Fey Chi are extremely loyal once bonded, it is possible to break a bond. Any cruel or unnecessary destruction of the wilderness raises the risk of a Fey Chi turning its back on you. Direct aggression against the Fey Chi itself will automatically break the bond, and may cause reprisals and vendettas.  

Vendettas of the Fey Chi

If someone has been stupid enough to raise the ire of the Fey Chi to the point where they have earned lifelong enmity, they are in trouble indeed. These sorry souls can never travel in the wild areas of the world without constant and unexpected harassment from the Fey Chi. They will lead their enemy into traps, or coax predators to stalk them. They will steal items and spoil food, and will aid their enemies in battles. No-one knows if the ire of the Fey Chi can be atoned for or averted in any way.    
"I heard of a minor Lord from New Lafaelle who tried to capture a Fey Chi for his daughter. He had no luck himself, but hired a druid to take his daughter out to bond with one. All went well with the bonding, until his daughter came home to the family estate. The newly bonded Fey Chi observed the felled trees, the tilled fields, and the animals in fetters. Its ire was immediately levelled against the Lord himself.   Within two years, his workers had been driven away, the fields over-run by wild beasts and plants that strode across the land, and the very buildings were subsumed into the ground. The Lord fled to the city a pauper, and now cannot even go outside for fear of what might befall him. I heard his daughter stayed there with the Druid and her Fey Chi - all living like beasts in the tangled ruins. A bonding with a Fey Chi is not a thing to treat lightly."
Milas Grenfert, Trailmaster of Omberstad

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The Fey Chi possess a number of distinct traits that make them incredibly useful for those braving the dangers of the wilderness.  

Exceptional perception

They are exceptionally perceptive, able to see in darkness, hear great distances and have acute sense of smell.  In addition to this, they have the ability to detect malicious intent in others, and in particular they will know if anyone has caused wilful destruction to the natural environment.  A bonded Fey Chi makes for the perfect scout and guardian.  

Stealth and harass

When threatened, the Fey Chi will first disappear into hiding.  It is near impossible to detect a Fey Chi once it has hidden.  If they do not immediately flee (for example - if they need to protect their bonded master) they will stalk and harass their enemies - striking invisibly and swiftly.  While a single Fey Chi does only minimal damage with its small but sharp teeth, an entire pack can whittle down the resolve of whoever they are harassing in minutes.  

Baffling mist

The Fey Chi's greatest strength is its ability to baffle and confuse enemies with a glowing mist. While harassing its enemies, a Fey Chi will exude a pale, luminescent mist that when breathed in will cloud their victim's minds - making them forget who they are, become lost in the undergrowth and fall into a deep unnatural sleep.

Growth Rate & Stages

No-one particularly knows.  The Fey Chi seem to be made of Fey magic, rather than be bred or grown in the normal sense.  Some believe they are spiritual avatars of pure natural magic brought about by first ecology when it has been touched by the Feywild.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fey Chi have no need to eat, seeming to draw their energy directly from living things about them. They do however have an insatiable delight in gastronomic pleasures, and will seek out rare and exotic treats wherever they go. Alcoholic beverages are a particular target for the Fey Chi, and they will resort to subterfuge and outright theft to get it if they discover any nearby.

Additional Information


While they can be bonded with, Fey Chi cannot be domesticated.  They will not under any circumstances enter any built environment such as wagons, buildings, villages or cities.  If their bonded master enters such a place, they will disappear immediately, only to reappear as soon as their Master has returned to the natural environs.  This does not effect the strength or duration of the bonding however, there has been cases of bonded masters being jailed for decades, only to be rejoined by their Chi upon release.   If anyone tries to force a Fey Chi into a built environment, it will begin a piercing and painfully loud screeching that will not stop until they are released to the wild, and they will do everything in their powers to escape.  If someone persists and can prevent their escape, the Fey Chi will die within hours.

Facial characteristics

Large pearlescent eyes and wide pointed ears frame a small dog-like face.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Fey Chi may be found anywhere an untouched natural environment exists, and has links to the Feywild.  Ophillias  is the best known, but some have been found across the islands of Uferbrech

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Fey Chi have exceptional perception across smell, hearing and sight in darkness.  In addition, they have the innate ability to know when someone they meet has caused wilful damage to the natural world.
Unknown, rumoured to live forever
Average Height
They stand about 6-8 inches from the ground.
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Pure white fur, that glows with a faint blue light


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