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He exhaled a breathless, mirthless laugh, and let himself fall forward to hide against the dwarf's shoulder. "I'm so fucking tired."
— Azsire, from Hanhula's Istralar
Ahoy! I'm Owl. I must've joined a fair few years ago now (can't quite remember the date anymore, haha!), initially it was just to manage the character I play in my GM's campaign, but has since grown and expanded beyond just my campaign puppets to writing up my own little world for myself!
When I initially created my world, it was to throw my lot in for Summer Camp 2019, and put something out that was a little bit different from the other submissions. If there's one type of content I enjoy, it's /The silly stuff./ I really enjoy absurd content that turns a premise on it's head in a way that you might not expect. I wanted to see more of it here, and so I went for it myself!
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Alex (TheDumbOwl)
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Jul 13, 2023
There's been a bit of a gap since then, but I've had a lot of time and experience, both in my play sessions and in written roleplays to hone my writing a bit more, and I'm in a position where I'm ready to hit the ground running again with providing some absolutely rediculous content for everyone. At the end of the day, I want to make people laugh. If I can manage to put a smile on at least one person's face, then I consider myself accomplished.

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Welcome to Vertinall, an absurd world of Magic and Wonder, and a narrator with a few screws loose. Where beings of Great and terrible evil are actually very lovely guys, and A chair is defined as Land due to it's tremendous magical potential (and comfort.)

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