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Redmoss is a fortified, majority human settlement situated on the western coast of Savitka at the point of the Dire Strait. It is a common beginning/end point for Death Runs, shipping cargo back and forth from Byrock/T'ver and Savitka. It is also a common endpoint for runs to and from Aggia Sabi, and its strategic position on the Dire Strait makes it a valuable military installation.    Law and order tends to be on the stricter side for Redmoss. There is a no nonsense approach to chaos. The governing council doesn't even allow a registered thieves' guild to operate within the walls. The Dire Strait's pirate problem has led to a heavy crackdown on pirating in Redmoss's waters.    Redmoss is the home of quite a number of mercenary guilds in addition to Savitka's military contingent. Between Death Runs and pirates, merchant vessels are always in need of extra protections. Trade caravans setting out into Savitka's heartlands are just as in need of protection, especially if they happen to be crossing more dangerous territories.
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