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The Future of Coral Spire City

My beloved people of Coral Spire City,   Tonight, I stand before you not as your mayor but as a fellow citizen, humbled by the momentous decision that has been made to secure our city's future. The winds of change blow hard against our gates, but we will stand strong, and the once generous sea that birthed our city now recedes. Our best researchers have found no way for us to survive the coming drought, what was once beautiful ocean will become an arid desert. In the face of such a tremendous downfall of our society, one single being has chosen to make a sacrifice to give us a chance to live on until the sea returns.   Azureflame, the water dragon who has watched over us for many centuries is about to make a sacrifice of an enormity we can barely comprehend. In order to cast a protective spell around our city, to shield us from the draining of the sea, he will willingly surrender his freedom and enter an eternal slumber.   This is no ordanary slumber, it is filled with purpose and will continually imbue an enchantment with his life force. It is an act of sheer love and duty for our city. His potent life force will keep our city alive until we can solve the problem and restore the sea. We shall prosper and grow and find a way to put an end to this traumatic event.   Tomorrow, at dawn, we will gather in the central square to witness this historic event. The might Azureflame will decscend into a newly constructed crystal shrine that will allow him to channel his energy into what we suspect is the most powerful spell ever cast in the history of this world.   Let us not meet this dawn with sorrow, but with gratitude and awe. For this is not an end, but a new beginning! Azureflame's sleep represents an enduring commitment to us, a profound act of service. This sacrifice will transform him from our protector to our living bulwark, an eternal sentinel whose watchful slumber will ensure the survival of our race.   Tonight, we stand threshold of a new era. Let us step forward together, with our hearts filled with gratitude for our selfless protector. Tomorrow, we bear withness to a new dawn, the dawn of Azureflame's eternal vigil.   With hope and determination,   Maris Deepcurrent
Mayor of Coral Spire City
Crystal, Magical


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