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Gorretixii Auxiliaries

Drawn from a unique abhuman strain, the Gorretixii Auxiliaries are uniquely suited for several warzones across the Imperium. They are excetionally capable over mountainous, subterranian, and dense urban sprawl and are deployed almost excusivly to these warzones. While majority abhuman regiments are looked on with suspicion, the Gorretix Abhumans prove themselves time and time again to their baseline counterparts.



Recruiting solely from Gorretix Prime, nearly 84% of the regiment is composed of the abhuman strain Homo Sapian Gorretixus. The rest are baseline humans that make up the officer corps as abhumans are barred from holding a commissioned officer rank. This has eased tensions with more religious and or superstitious astra militarum units who are uncomfortable fighting next to abhuman forces.     Unlike many other forces raised across the Imperium, the auxilaries are composed entirely of volunteers. Whether this can be attributed to the harsh work conditions, violent geological nature of Gorretix Prime, or genuine patriotism and devotion to the God Emperor remains to be seen. Whatever the reason, the best of Gorretixii fill the ranks every year and recruiters are blessed with being selective with their applicants.


Most of the equipment for the regiments is produced within the Ornis system due to the Gorretixii requiring specially tailored gear to account for their physiology. This is usually composed of camouflaged fatigues and flak armor suited to their anatomy typically in colors that are reflective of their homeworld. Most auxiliary regiments change patterns to suit the local environment and have been known to dye or paint their equipment themselves due to a lack of official uniform reissue.   The unique kit belonging to all regiments is the climbing and spelunking gear provided. It is often supplemented privately by the soldiers themselves to better enhance their navigation of the war zones they often find themselves in. Many of the auxiliary's enemies had been caught completely by surprise thinking a piece of terrain was impassable for the Gorretixii.


Most weapons for the auxiliaries are autogun variants as it is seen as a disadvantageous to their stealth capabilities to use las-weaponry. This encompasses a wide variety of armament from long-barreled sniper rifles to an assortment of compact auto rifles, to autopistols and shotguns. A notable feature of all their weapons is the fully automatic fire selector, collapsable stock, and short barrels. This makes all of their firearms ideally suited for tight spaces and close-quarter engagements typified in urban or subterranean combat. This extends to the unit's special and heavy weapons with a strong focus on flamer and melta-based weaponry.  
(Command feed capture of 21st "Stone Smashers" Subterranian Infantry engaged against traitor forces under mining complex AB176-Z on Gamora durning the Indomitus Crusade. 6.096.M42)


The Gorretixii lack any sort of armored support given the nature of their deployments. With little to no room for them to maneuver, all of the auxiliary's vehicles are strictly kept in a support and command role. The one exception is each regiment's small fleet of Hades Breaching drills used specifically by the regiments to burrow through enemy defenses or reposition within rubble choked environments.
(Hades Breaching drill from the 66th "Gorgons" Subterranian Infantry. 6.919.M40 )


The Gorretixii Auxilary is organized in 4500 strong regiments with this number being subdivided by units of 5 with battalions being 900, Companies at 180, and platoons at 36 all containing the same equipment and training. While simple, this structure ensures an ease of command and control with each subdivision being capable of deploying with any other with minimal friction.   The officer corps is entirely comprised of baseline humanity and pulled from the noble or aristocratic houses on Gorretix Prime. They are trained diligently in both officer duties and the types of warfare expected of them as leaders of Gorretixii, often by abhuman instructors resourced from retired veterans. While stated before that abhumans are not able to hold a commissioned rank, Gorretixii composed the majority of the NCO corps for the auxiliary, and most command positions have an accompanying NCO to help manage the abhumans under the officer's command.


The auxiliary is initially a product of desperation. When in 4.852.M34, WAAARGH Zapp Smasha invaded the sub-sector and plunged three systems into all-out war. Fighting within the Corith system was especially fierce as the subterranean mining network and hive city sprawl of Corith Secundus led to massive losses for imperial forces. It became apparent to war planners in the sub-sector that while often viewed with suspicion, the Gorretixii were uniquely suited for the environment presented. Within a year the first four regiments were raised and immediately sent to the front on Corith Secondus. All four distinguished themselves and using their expertise and unique physiology, fought the orks to a grinding halt. By 4.871.M34, Corith Secundus was largely under imperial control once again in no small part to their heroic actions.     After the orks were defeated in 4.947.M34, administratum officials saw the value of the abhuman auxillaries and began formal tithe requests for regiments to be raised by Gorretix Prime. The planet was eager to serve and met its initial recruitment quota 6 months ahead of schedule. While obsure and often met with sceptisism due to their abhuman nature, the regiments of Gorretix Prime are no less loyal or eager to serve.  

Notable Regimental Actions

  • 4.852.M34:Waaargh Zapp Smasha'
In their first engagment, the Gorretixii are sent to the defense of Corith Secundus. What followed were brutal hit and run battles against the savage orks in the mining tunnels and choked rubble of the hive cities across the planet. The four regiments saw their destruction and refounding no less than three times over the course of the war on the planet but each time the auxilaries hurdled themselves into the darkest corners of the world to drive the orks out of every nook and cranny and purged the planet in its entirety.
First Regiment Founded: 4.853.M34   Current Regiments: 102 Active, 91 Retired, 19 MIA   Regimental Types: Abhuman Auxilary Infantry, Urban Warfare Specialists, Subterranian Warfare Specialists, Alpine Infantry   Primary Recruiting World: Gorretix Prime   Current Active Warzones Deployed in: 29 reported
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy