Gorretix Abhumans

The only known unique substrain of sanctioned abhumans located within the Seelen Stream. Due to its colonization in the ancient past and the unusual geography of Gorretix Prime itself, the ancient humans seemed through genecraft and natural processes develop into the unique variant of abhuman known as Homo Sapian Gorretixus or colloquially in the sub-sector as "Long Lurks".  


  While not as extreme as other sanctioned abhumans there is no mistaking the markers of dark age genetic tampering and extreme isolation has wrought on the Gorretixii genome. The key identifying traits are their shorter stature, exaggerated sensory organs of the face, and exceptionally long upper limbs. Minor traits include hairlessness, pale skin, and sharp incisors. Most of these traits seemed to have been selected or arose to better adapt themselves to navigating the dark and jagged landscape of Gorretix with its high cliffs and labyrinthine cave networks.   Not as apparent from their unique appearance is the peculiar stability of the strain as well as a notable reduction in psyker phenomena appearing within other native sub-sector populations. It has been hypothesized by the Ordo Biologis as a result of the mysterious "Flickering of Ornis" during the Age of Strife. This is further corroborated by the abhumans' documented resistance to The Blood Star's deleterious effects. Regardless of these facts, however, they are still notably viewed with suspicion due to their abhuman nature.


Major language groups and dialects

Shared customary codes and values

Over the long millennia of their existence and contact with the Imperium, the Gorretixii have grown to be an insular society due to the judgment of baseline humanity. While actively present in the sub-sector and commonly spotted in the more industrious regions, they prefer to create enclaves rather than full integration. Largely due to their abhuman nature, their unique physiology also allows them to prefer spaces not typically considered desirable by others of the human genus.
(Menial serf on way to work. servo-skull sketch capture. 6.176.M41)
While cultures vary moderately across the planet of origin and beyond, Gorretixii established an affinity for industrial or mountainous terrain by connecting several key cultural markers based on the concept of verticality. Climbing ability is a highly admired trait and navigating caves, urban sprawl, and cliffs is a common touchstone among all groups. Communities often celebrate near these vertical spaces as well as hold important civil procedures, funeral rights, and marriages. Many variations of the Imperial Cult in Gorretixii society involve the Emperor being at the most extreme point of verticality based on desirable direction.
(Portrait of a young merchant-class woman. 6.598.M39)
While insular as a community and an abhuman strain, they do see themselves as devote followers of the imperial cult and a martial pride. This is demonstrated through their continual tithe of Gorretixii Auxiliaries with little trouble meeting or exceeding Departmento Munitorum quotas. Some have postulated that this is due to a desire to escape Gorretix Prime, however this has been dismissed by the baseline human officers.
Imperial Discovery: 4.988.M30   Species: Homo Sapiens Gorretixus   Nomenclature: Gorretixii, Gorries, Long Lurks, Stretchers   Average Height: 140 cm   Average Weight: 29 kg   Average Life Expectancy: 60 Terran Years   Average Skin Tone: White to Pale bluish-grey   Average Eye Color: Yellow, Blue, Grey   Average Hair Color: Hairless  
(Average Cranial Structure of Gorretixii Male. Age 31 Standard Terran Years.)
(Average build of Gorretixii Male and Female. Age 28 and 31 Standard Terran Years respectively. Sexual Dimorphism is present.)