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Gorretix Prime

A dark and dynamic world, Gorretix Prime sits as one of the most resource-producing worlds within the Ornis system. An industrial mining world built to feed the factories across the sub-sector with rare minerals crucial in producing circuitry and data wafers. The planet is also home to the unique Gorretix Abhumans strain, making up nearly 72% of the global population, 90% of its manual labor force, and the unique Gorretixii Auxiliaries regiments.


Gorretix Prime has uniquely active and small tectonic plates, leading to exposure to vast mineral wealth, dizzying cave networks, and dramatic mountain ranges across the planet. The side effects have however led to severe earthquakes, volcanos, and tsunamis. In the face of such routine natural disasters, most cities are built on flexible artificial foundational shelves. Holdovers from the Dark Age of Technology, these vast structures make it possible to mitigate all but the worst of earthquakes and raise the level of the core infrastructure above the effect of tsunamis. The majority who cannot afford to live on these megalithic structures are confined to semi-nomadic work gangs, mining the resources constantly revealed by the geological activity.


Most life on Gorretix Prime has evolved to life of elevation extremes and tectonic insecurity. This combined with lower light levels due to distance from the local star, climate largely then becomes tied to elevation or proximity to geothermal energy rather than equatorial distance. Flaura thus dictates native fauna and possesses robust root networks able to dislodge or dissolve stone, flexible enough to resist seismic disturbance, and incredibly efficient photosynthesis, geothermal, or digestive means to produce energy.   Fauna in kind has responded to this dynamic environment with over 40% of all land fauna possessing either the ability to fly or glide and all species having notable climbing ability. A further 36% are sub-terranean, with some of the largest and most powerful borrowing species in the sub-sector being native to Gorretix Prime. It is believed by leading Magi Biologis that the abhuman Gorretixii strain was cultivated by early colonists in mimicry to the local wildlife.
Affiliation: Imperium   Type: Industrial   Planetary Radius: 6643 km   Gravity: 9.92 m/s2   Temperature / Climate: 43C' to -78C'/   Largest Biome: Borreal Forest   Population: 13,766,000,000 Resident   Planetary Governor: Alexandru Laurentiu   System: Ornis System   Sub-sector: Seelen Stream   Sector: Spartus   Segmentum: Tempestus   Tithe Grade: Exactis Tertius