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Elizarii Brunichelli

Grand Master Consol of Legio Verus, Lord of Hephaestus Gamma, Matriarch of the Brunichelli Dynasty

Of all the inhabitants of the Seelen Stream, few can claim to match the raw martial power of Grand Master Brunichelli. The current matriarch of the Brunichelli line and elected Consul Grand Master of the Legio Verus Titan Legion, she rules her fiefdom within the Hephaestus system with a quiet but commanding presence. Her cool demeanor and slight stature belies her bellicose spirit and once she deems it appropriate, flexes the full might of her legion to crush all under her powerful god machines.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While smaller than many princeps in her legion her quiet confidence more than makes up for her stature. While the rigors of titan warfare, the MIU, and her responsibility have worn on her body, rejunivate treatments and her own punishing training regime have kept her looking closer to 30 in need of rest rather than her true age.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Elizarii was the oldest daughter of the Brunichelli house of princeps within the Legio Verus. Unlike many in her line she was notably smaller and reserved than her contemporaries. This raised concerned whispers that she would be unfit for the Mind Impulse Unit of a titan. Her detractors were quickly silenced however when the testing at the Legio Verus Academy not only proved her neural profile made her especially resilient to the god machines spirits, but her calm approach to titan grade warfare enhanced the effectiveness of her commands to the machines themselves.   Once graduated and recognized a princeps, she was granted the honor of bonding with a titan. Her request was for the Warlord Titan "Canticum Irae" or "Song of Wrath". A notable titan who acted in defense of dozens of worlds before her ascension and was known for its rejection of more boisterous and hot-headed princeps. As a result her request was granted with reservation as the legion was not inclined to lose such a promising princeps to mass cerebral hemorrhage. Canticum's spirit tested Elizarii's resolve and in measuring her character caused Elizarii's right eye to rupture from the strain of the neural feedback. It was a credit to her will, focus, and temperament that Canticum found her worthy and thus allowed her to pilot it to this day.   Over the next one hundred and fifty years Elizarii rapidly rose through the Legion ranks. She was awarded laurels for her defense of key hive cities during the brutal engagements of the Third Tyrannic War. It was her actions in the Mardine Incursion and Grand Marshall Dantonio's death at the hands of ork warlord BadMek StankEye that she would rise to be elected head of the legion. Fighting unsupported for 2 days against the mechanical horrors of the BadMek, she held the frozen pass leading to Mardine's capital and killed dozens of the orks largest war machines, ultimately leading to the BadMek's withdrawal and saving Mardine.
(Last identification scan prior to boarding her Warlord Titan "Canticum Irae" or "Song of Wrath")
Current Location
1.6 m
57 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I see no reason to negotiate with the dead." -Last transmission to the rebels of Folnhor Prime during the Folnhor Reclamation.
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