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Canticum Irae

Built after The Scouring in 4.119.M33 to revitalize the decimated Legio Verus, Canticum Irae was commissioned in an era of consolidating gains and shoring of defenses. These formative conflicts molded the machine spirit to be one of stoic defense. The legion in turn leaned into the nature of the spirit and retroactively modified the god machine from Death-Bringer to Nemesis class, granting more armor and long-range weapon capability. In its recent past, it had sat unoccupied for nearly 400 years due to its resistance to aggressive princeps until it bound some 120 years ago to the current Grand Master of the legion, Elizarii Brunichelli.   In it's long service record since its creation Caticum Irae has fought in three imperial segmentums and its battle honors span millennia. Notable actions include the halting of WAAARGH Zapp Smasha', the Hrakon Campaign, the Cataclysm of Souls, The Seelen Sundering, The War of Flies, The 7th Black Crusade, The Siege of Phylos, The Third Tyrannic War, and the Mardine Incursion. It has waded through hails of artillery and gunfire of lesser foes for its true mark, for Gloriam's spirit seems to prefer rival titan-grade prey above all others. Its armament and added frontal armor are reflective of this as both its main armaments and shoulder-mounted weapons are ideally suited to overloading enemy void shields and melting through adamantium plate with ease.
(Canticum Irae in full panoply for war)

Power Generation

Hephaestus Pattern Warlord Plasma Reactor

Weapons & Armament

1x Belicosa Volcano Cannon   1x Sunfury Pattern Plasma Annihilator   2x Tri-barreled Turbo-Laser Destructors   4x twin-linked Ardex-Defensor Lascannon turrets

Armor and defense

2 meter thick Adamantium Plating   8x Hephaestus Pattern Void Shield Generators
(Heraldic Banner of Canticum Irae, Current devices and honors as of 5.008.M42)
The Song of Wrath
Nemesis-Class Mars A Pattern Warlord Titan
Creation Date
Owning Organization
Current location
34 meters
2,541 metric tons
Complement / Crew
1 Princep, 2 Moderatii, 1 Enginseer, 14 Servitors