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The Treatises of Maizelic

Maizelic was a chieftain or king of a race of humanoid goats called the @khn that existed in the Second Age before they were driven to extinction by the Second Unmaking It is not clear whether the goat men were vanity race created by Khemra or if they were created by someone else and adopted by Khemra later, but historical records indicate that the goatmen were very fervent Khemra worshipers.   Maizelic was viewed of as a philosopher king and he was a prolific writer writing about stoicism, proper rulership, peity, establishing a fruitful legacy and other pro-Khemra things.   It's not clear whether Maizelic was the last king of his people or if died long before the Second Unmaking but his descendants kept circulating his treatises. Regardless, early in the Second Unmaking, Maizelic's writings were hidden in a sealed cave so that they would survive the Unmaking, especially the Demon Lord known as the Vandal.   Later these writings were recovered with the help of Khemra spirits early in the Third Age. The Treatses of Maizelic have been translated into many languages and are consulted regularly by Keepers around the world.
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