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The Kraken's Siren

Many a lonely sailor at sea has dreams of charming a beautiful mermaid.  Most consider it highly fortunate if they can even glimpse a beautiful mermaid.  Some mermaids even enjoy light flirting with Scarterran men for the attention.  But some are seeking something darker than mere attention and fun.   There are stories of beautiful mermaids occasionally leading sailors to folly or death. The Kraken's Siren is the likely inspiration for many of these tales.   Normally naked save for a small kraken pendant, this comely young long-haired mermaid witch seduces sailors then uses her magic to take the young men away. Her magic is such that they do not drown (at least not immediately), but men that go with her are never seen again.   Sailors joke that if they are to meet their death at sea, dying while making love to a mermaid is probably the best way to meet one's end.   It is rumored that the Kraken's siren does not age for she disappears only to reappear many years later seemingly unchanged. Ohers whisper that the Kraken's Siren is not an individual but a mantle, a mantle worn by many mermaids over the ages.   The Kraken's Siren does not purely act out of love or lust (though she does seem to prefer handsome sailors), nor does she act with overt hate and malice (though her paramours seem to have a 100% fatality rate). But like most in the Cult of the Kraken, she does seem to view the land dwelling humanoids of Scarterra are a resource to be exploited as the sea folk see fit.   The Kraken's Siren yearns for information above all other things. It is from their siren that the Cult of the Kraken is much better informed about the peoples and events of Scarterra than almost every group in Scaraqua.
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