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Swynfaredian Heraldry standards

The official national court of arms involves all four of the founding dragons in their fully glory, Fremiss the Vibrant, Kovenoth the Builder, Numaness the Mystic, and Goirsonad the Wise.   Sometimes the national symbol is all four dragon's head's being connected by the neck or four very small dragon pictures flying in a circle.   Most artists cannot properly portray the four founding dragons in their fully glory, especially if a commoner is painting the national symbol on a shield or sewing it onto a gambeson jerkin. It is acceptable to portray four generic golden dragons (like the flag above the article) or even one generic golden dragon.


Individual house heraldry may be displayed by itself or it can be displayed underneath the national colors.   Ideally, house colors have a detailed drawing of the house's associated dragon but if artistic detail is hard to come by, any dragon of the correct color is acceptable.   The four founding house heraldry always shows a full dragon, though the pose may vary.   The middling houses show a dragon from the waste up, cropping the tail and hind legs.   The lesser houses only show the dragon's head and neck.   The recognized lesser bloodlines never show a dragon head, they are limited to wings, limbs, and/or tails.   Most nobles with a lesser bloodline have sworn fealty to a lord or lady of a recognized house. A dragon blood with a bloodline probably wears the colors of their bloodline and their lord or lady.   Fang Warriors and Talon Warriors typically wear the colors of their lord or lady with an obvious Fang or Talon
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