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Swift Shoes

by Eron12 with Hero Forge
Carcelli the Arcane Priestess
  The First Circle Transmutation Spell "Fast Movement" makes for very popular potions and wands with criminals and law enforcement for those who can afford them. Often potions of Fast Movement ends up in the hands of adventurers who are often on both sides of the law. For those who really need run fast very frequently, Swift Shoes are good idea.
  Potions of Fast Movement typically sell between 50 and 60 copper pieces and wands of Fast Movement usually cost between 40 and 50 copper per charge. That's a lot of money for a standard peasant, but its not that much for most adventurers, at least the ones that don't die in their first few months. Even then expenses add up and only a fool consumes potions like they are moon bread.   One problem for someone wanting to make a quick getaway is that grabbing a potion or readying a wand is hard to do nonchalantly. Swift Shoes fix that problem (though not the cost problem). Swift Shoes cost a bit more than a conventional wand making them about the same as potions.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

by Me with Hero Forge
-Nilen the Cobbler/adventurer
Swift Shoes are basically a wand that you wear on your feet. Most of them are activated by clicking heels together three times rapidly rather than with a command word though some require heel clicks and a command word especially if one is worried about the shoes being stolen.
  A wand or potion typically lasts thirty minutes per charge. More often than not, Swift Shoes are enchanted to work for ten minute intervals as a cost saving measure. In ten minutes, you are probably either going to get away or not, but nothing stops a mage from making Swift Shoes with thirty minute charges. As a gnome who runs around with humans, I need the longer charges just to keep up sometimes.   Swift Shoes work best if your opponents don't know you have them. Swift Shoes are usually crafted to look like ordinary shoes.   It's a magical law that magical items that don't like magic items are harder to make than magic items that look obviously special. Very fancy shoes are something of a giveaway, but they are slightly easier to enchant saving 10 to 20% on reagent costs.   Fancy shoes can also hold more magic charges. Fancy shoes can hold up to 30 thirty-minute charges or 60 ten-minute charges. Ordinary looking shoes can hold up to 20 and 40 charges respectively.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Relatively uncommon

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