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Rank and Title Among the Keepers

The Keepers assign their members to one of their five Orders, Dawn, Day, Zenith, Dusk, and Eclipse, but the priesthood will reassign transfer members between Orders to suit their needs. This sort of mobility is much more common among the lower ranks.   Priests, holy warriors, clerks, and all other men and women who are considered Keepers use the same formal system of ranks and titles, so all Keepers understand where they stand even if they are dealing with someone who works in a different field.   Ability or lack there of is the main determiner of whether a Keeper gets promoted or demoted.   The Keepers may strive to be a meritocracy but politics does play a fairly large rule in who gets promoted and who does not.  Birthright technically does not matter but Highborn often get promoted faster than lowborn.  This is often done to curry favor with the local nobility.   There is politics in the temple.  More than a few ranking Keepers will try to funnel opportunities for promotion to their favored proteges while stonewalling younger members whom they dislike.   There is also a bias towards rewarding seniority.  A Keeper with many years of mostly uneventful service will often be promoted over an adventurer who has done great and noteworthy deeds in Khemra's name though it does help to have great deeds and years of service to boast of, even if said person's great deeds are old news.   There is no major bias in who gets promoted in terms of gender though the Day Order tends to be dominated by women and the Dusk Order tends to be dominated by men.

Titles from lowest to highest

  Acolyte: Trainee   Aheneus: Full member   Aurum: Leader of small groups   Apogee: Leader of large groups   Champion: Travelers who supervise their Order over a wide areas.   Pentarch: Leader of one of the five Orders.

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