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Literal Curse Words

Usually curse words are just empty words, but not always.   If a curse is made with passion and willfulness, there is a small but real chance that one of the Nine will back the curse. Scholars estimate that 1-2% of verbally uttered curses manifest in reality.   More often than not, Greymoria is the one adding supernatural punch to generic uttered curses, but in theory any of the Nine can do this.   If the curse is real, the easiest way to remove the curse is to apologize to the curse giver. If the apology is accepted, the curse usually goes away. There are also magical cures that cleanse people of curses and then there is always the passage of time. It's near impossible for someone to inflict a lifelong curse without being a spell-caster. Prayer and atonement is said to help too.     If one of the Nine's names are invoked, the odds of a curse sticking are much higher (though even then most curses still fall flat. Scholars estimate that about 5% of curses that call on one of the Nine manifest in reality and about 3% of curses collectively invoking the Nine as a group manifest in reality.   Curses with direct divine backing are harder to remove but the basic methods of curse removal are the same though these curses tend to be stickier.       Sometimes, especially if a curse is made of the name of one or more of the Nine, the curse will rebound on the curse giver instead of (or in addition to) the recipient. Particularly if witnessing deity believes the curse was given for a petty reason.     Also, curses rarely manifest in the way they are literally given and they are almost never crippling or lethal if not backed by the power of a magic spell.
Metaphysical, Supernatural

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