Land of the Yeti

Technically the Land of the Yeti is hardly the exclusive territory of the Yeti, it has many animals and monsters but the Yeti are the dominant mortal force in this frigid land.   The nation of Kahdisteria claims all the land to the east of the East Colassian Mountain Range. At the north of their lands he mountains become a lot shorter, hills really. There are a lot of mountain passes that in theory would be easy to cross, if they weren't filled with snow ten months out of the year. It is very cold in the north.   East of the mountains/hills is some very cold elves and their miserable slaves. To the west of the mountains is the Land of the Yeti. The Kahdisterians reacted to the presence of their yeti neighbors in a predictable fashion, they captured and enslaved any yetis they encountered. The yeti’s responded in a predictable fashion too. They responded by killing any elf they saw.   Yeti do not cope with heat well, becoming easily fatigued even in temperate climates, so the pragmatic dark elves opted to keep their enslaved yeti up north. Captured yeti are the predominant workers in a lot of Kahdisteria’s cold northern mines. The dark elves don't have a lot of Yeti slaves though. By the time the war between the Colassian Confederacy  and Kahdisteria had begun, yeti were a barely substantiated legend to the southern humans.   The yeti lands are a long way away from the warm lands of the Confederacy but some adventurous expedition parties did venture north seek out these mysterious yeti. To a yeti, humans and elves look a lot alike, but eventually a party of humans was able to convince them that the yeti and humans shared a common enemy. It also helped that some escaped yeti slaves that rejoined their free brethren were able to explain how humans were also slaves of the dark elves. Yeti call humans, "round ears."   Officially, the yeti’s mysterious leader(s) (who no round ear was every allowed to speka to directly) established that the Confederacy and the yeti share a common enemy and therefore they are allies, but the yeti refused to join the Confederacy. For starters, establishing a reliable line of communication is extremely difficult. Establishing a reliable trade route is nigh impossible.   It’s unknown whether the yeti developed metal working themselves, or if they copied the elves, but the yeti ae known to have crude mining and metallurgical skills capable of manufacturing bronze heads for spears and axes. More commonly, yeti weapons and tools are made of stone, wood, or ivory. Yeti are hunters and gatherers. They cannot really export anything except maybe ivory.   The yeti's only imports are gifts from Confederate adventuring parties. About every few years the Confederate Council will sponsor an adventuring part to trek up north and bestow the yeti with some gifts to check to see if the yeti are still alive and remind them that “humans are good, elves are bad.” If the armistice with the dark elves ever breaks down and the Confederacy is in a full state of war again, the Confederacy plans to give the yeti a much larger gifts of weapons and then politely ask them to open a northern front against the dark elves.   The dark elves are vaguely aware that the Yeti are on speaking terms with the Confederacy. They have the manpower to undergo a full genocidal campaign against the yeti if they really wanted to. Some Kahdisterian nobles want this very much, but there are two major problems hindering this potential military campaign.   The elves have about a thousand enslaved yeti. The elves are not sure how many free yeti there are, estimates range between two thousand and two hundred thousand. It is known that the yeti have some sort of native magical tradition, but it is not known how powerful or wide spread this magic is. That makes planning a campaign of total war difficult. Any full scale invasion of the Lands of the Yeti would surely be very risky for the Raykar that wants to try it.   More importantly, elves don’t like to be cold. Only about 10% of Kahdisteria’s population lives in the northern third of the country. Unless an elf is sent north as a punishment assignment, elf soldiers can expect a 25% bonus to their normal pay when serving up north. Slaves sent up north need additional food and clothing to survive, unless the plan is to literally work them to death. Any large scale invasion of the Lands of the Yeti would be very expensive for the Raykar that wants to try it.   Their system of government is unknown. Yeti relations between the sexes are unknown because outsiders can barely tell the males and females apart at all.   Besides summertime slave raids from Kahdisteria, the Yeti have to deal with all sorts of arctic monsters and dangers.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake