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Knights of the Red Lion

The Knights of the Red Lion are the king's honor guard and thus they are probably the most prestigious knightly in Kantoc.   Recruited entirely from the sons of high ranking nobles, the Knights of the Red Lions foreswear all lands and titles and serve the king and only the king.   They are intended to be the elite of the elite and very rigorous training programs with a high rate of washouts.  As long as the washouts don't fail after taking their loyalty oaths, there is no dishonor in this.  Many Red Lion washouts manage to recover and end up having fairly respectable career in another knightly order.   The Red Lions are usually at the forefront of every major military campaign.  With the direct sponsorship of the king, the Red Lions have access to the very best horses and equipment in the kingdom and the knightly order claims ownership of more magic items than any other.
Military, Knightly Order
Red Lions
Parent Organization

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