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godless ones

The godless ones are the most likely of all Turoch cults to actually go through the motions of worshipping Turoch. Not so much out of genuine admiration for him or in hopes of winning his power but because doing so cheeses off the Nine and the local mortal status quota.   They resent the fact that the Nine's constant struggles damage the world. They state that the Nine do not have mortals’ best interest at heart, either callously or patronizingly use mortals as the playing pieces in their struggle. Others simply resent all those who are far more powerful than they.   Like most Turoch cults they are rare and heavily persecuted, but they are among the more common heretical Turoch cults out there if only because these groups usually keep a low profile. They rarely go as far as to reach out to minions of the Void and they do not normally commit acts of banditry or terrorism.  Because most of the godless ones are non-violent, sometimes they can practice their "faith" openly without being rounded up by inquisitors.   Nevertheless, many Scarterran secular and religious authorities believe that these groups are gateways to more dangerous heretical beliefs and more often than not quash them violently when discovered. Of course in their minds, this only proves to the godless ones that they were right all along.
Secret, Religious sect


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