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alchemical reagent transformation

Durable reagents suitable for making permanent or near-permanent magical items are generally less common than other reagents suitable for making finite use magic items such as potions and scrolls.   Usually this is not a serious problem because there is usually a higher continuing demand for potions and scrolls than for permanent magical items, but sometimes someone wants to manufacture durable reagents without going through the effort of buying or foraging for it.   With alchemy, temporary reagents can be transformed into durable reagents though it is often time consuming and expensive.  

How to do it on the tabletop

    It takes about a week to process 200 drams of temporary reagents. Roll Intelligence + difficulty 6 assuming the alchemist has a well-stocked proper alchemist's lab. Raise the difficulty if using improvised tools or doing a rush job.   Successes rolled   Botch: All the reagents are destroyed. Roll Wits + Alchemy to avoid injuring or poisoning the alchemist   Failure: Destroys 50 drams of reagents with nothing to show for it.   One: Produces 100 drams of durable reagents   Two: Produces 150 drams of durable reagents   Three: Produces 200 drams of durable reagents   Four: Produces 225 drams of durable reagents   Five: Produces 250 drams of durable reagents
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