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alchemical rust proofing

Alchemy can be use to rust proof metal. This is usually so expensive that it's not worth alchemical proofing against day-to-day rust, so it's a luxury not a need.   This process is very difficult mess up catastrophically, so this task is often seen as "apprentice work". If sloppy or unlucky alchemist messes up most alchemical processes, it is possible to create poisonous gas or an explosion to threaten life and limb of the alchemist but worst case scenario here, the craftsmanship of the weapon or armor is warped. That can be expensive, but it is not deadly.   Alchemical rust proofing becomes absolutely necessary if metal weapons, armor, or tools are to be sent Scarterra to Scaraqua either by adventuring using magical means to breathe underwater or via some form of Scarterran-Scaraquan trade deal.     For steel and bronze tools, It costs roughly two and a half times the base cost of producing the item to rust proof it alchemical, so a 20 silver piece sword would cost about 45 silver to rust proof with alchemy. If a character is an alchemist and not paying an NPC alchemist, the base cost is two times the value of the item, not two and half times and a Intelligence + ALchemy roll is required and about a day of work for weapon or tool and about a week of work for a set of armor is required.   Since making permanent magic weapons and armor routinely costs 500 silver pieces on the cheap end, and these items are usually intended to last forever, the cost of rust proofing is not really considered significant. it is assumed that all magic weapons and armor are also rust proofed with the cost factored into the base cost, so you don't have to pay extra for this when a player character is purchasing or making a magic weapon. The cost is implied.

Social Impact

This process was developed in the First Age by an unknown dragon alchemist and became widespread and ubiquitous as most alchemists to follow in the Second and Third Age learn this process very early in their careers.   Originally this was developed to let rich people and adventurers keep their nice things nice for longer periods of time.   Dragons like shiny things and have long lifespans, so they used this process to keep their possessions intact and pretty for long periods of time in the First Age.   In the Second Age, contact between Scarterra and Scaraqua gradually increased and this has allowed metal goods to be sold or bartered to Scaraqua much more easily. See Scaraquan Metalworking and equivalent industries for related information.
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Access & Availability
Almost every alchemist knows how to do this, it is one of the most common things alchemists are hired to do.
Alchemical rust proofing is considered so easy, the task is often given to apprentices.

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