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To the north of The Autumn Forest are a series of chasms. The term "Voidier" is designated to a series of vertical pits nearby the Vak Savva with extraplanar attributes. Though many curious and brave individuals have tried to unravel the secrets of the Voidier, no one has ever reached the bottom of the chasm. Many have lost their lives during the dangerous expeditions.
The pits are seemingly infinite in their depth, inexplicably expanding into immeasurable horizons according to the few who have surfaced from exploration. These explorers have reported back with findings of bizarre circumstances, with sightings such as natural properties of the elements betraying reality as they scaled further down the pit. They described seeing water falling upwards and rocks operating like meteors.
The Voidier has inspired many myths and legends with some believing that there is a society that lives within the realm. According to legend, these people are able to manifest chaos into order and have used it as a shield from the outside world. Others believe it is a bridge between worlds. Scholars believe there is a correlation between the pits and the first people. Others hope for a promise of vast riches just beyond the average person's reach. Most however simply know to avoid the Voidier and as such have set up small barricades to prevent people from venturing forward.


The Voidier is an amalgamation of the Realm of Dreams and Realm of Death with the Material Plane. No part of its ecosystem makes sense past the lip of the surface world. Floating rocks crash and collide with each other, sometimes breaking apart and sometimes merging together to make a large mass of land without any rhyme or reason. Waterfalls manifest from thin air to transition into a cascade of molten lava by the end. Wind pushes all organic material in different directions indiscriminately.
As one ventures further down into the Voidier, the darker it becomes until one cannot tell up from down. Not much else can be reported as anyone who has traveled further has not been seen again. 
As the ages have moved forward, smaller Voidiers have appeared around the larger ones, creating a concern that Scandagliare itself may be unraveling on earth as it is in the sky.

Localized Phenomena

The laws of gravity do not apply in the Voidier.

Inorganic material will not be subject to gravitational pull as normal. Boulders, clothing, and other non-living materials will float around weightlessly. Adventurers will sometimes end up being pulled off of the floating rocks they are traveling down by the weightlessness of their own clothing. Items such as picks must be magically enchanted or used carefully so that they do not float away. 
For some unknown reason, gravity affects organic materials such as plants and animals as normal within the Voidier. Anything that falls down into the Voidier will seemingly fall forever down into the darkness. For that reason, adventurers must take extra precautions in dealing with the strange sensation of their items feeling nearly weightless while their bodies are being pulled to the depths.


It is said that in the first age the Voidier was a location of sacrifice. Spriggans would chain dissenters and criminals to rocks and push them into the pit. Ruins and artifacts around some of the larger pits appear to confirm this hypothesis. If historians are correct, that means the Voidier is the oldest extraplanar occurrence on Scandagliare, predating the Syvilliia as well as Vertigo Castle and the areas made by the Nidhogg.
How the Voidier came to be is a mystery, though there is some speculation as to what they are. Some scholars say it is ground zero for the disappearance of The First People, while others say it is an orifice for what is a living breathing world.
Most recently, Some Mechans have been creating explorational technology using magnets to delve further than any living adventurer in hopes of unraveling the secret and perhaps cease the area's ever-growing expansion.
Alternative Name(s)
The Pits, Chasm of the Elements
Dimensional, Pocket
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