Temple of Brae

Most temples dedicated to Brae, Goddess of Order are laid out in a similar manner. They have one, two, or three small prayer rooms with a series of well-calibrated clockwork gears and tracks that move marbles around the room.  Prayers are offered by taking a marble from the basket near the door, and gripping it tightly as you pray, before releasing it into the machinery, and continuing to repeat the prayer as the marble makes its way around the room and back into the basket, at which point the prayer is thought to be released. The prayer rooms open into a large central room that is used by the community for legal proceedings.  The room is permanently inscribed with runes that generate a Zone of Truth so that no lies can be told within it.  All trials are held within these rooms, presided over by a priest of Brae, and guided by the temple dedicates, although the specifics of each trial rely on local customs.  Funerary rites are also initiated within these rooms, with the Orchestrator of Souls reading out the events of the deceased's life, and the priest, in conjunction with the orchestrator, deciding what reparations the deceased may owe to the living. Temple size and number of priests may vary based on location; large city temples may have as many as 10 priests to preside of a large number of proceedings, while small village temples may only have a single priest. Small village temples often take on legal proceedings from other villages in the vicinity that do not have their own Temple of Brae, and so often cover a large geopolitical area than temples in more densely populated areas like cities.
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