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A Skybleed event is phenomena that occurs when a powerful pulse of Celestial Aura from either the suns or the moons collides with the planet. Skybleeds vary in intensity, and can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. They can affect a localized region or the entire planet.

Skybleed events cannot be accurately predicted. They occur with little warning and can have catastrophic consequences, such as ripping floating islands from the ground or dropping existing islands from the sky. They can also induce combustion in Glowfauna and even Glowflora, which can trigger forest fires. Certain species of Glowflora rely on Skybleeds to germinate.

Their destructive consequences make Skybleeds both feared and respected. They are often seen as the acts of deities. Particularly destructive Skybleeds go down in history as the bookends of eras.


I was having trouble falling asleep. I kept tossing and turning. I couldn't figure out why I felt so uncomfortable. Something was wrong, but I couldn't place what it was. Was it the temperature? A smell? A sound too faint to clearly hear?
— Individual describing the feeling they experienced the night before an intense Skybleed

There are few warning signs before a Skybleed starts. Certain animals, particularly Glowfauna, may start acting strangely just before a Skybleed begins. Monoliths may glow brighter or start weeping. Some people claim to be able to sense or predict Skybleeds. It's often described as a "buzzing on the skin" or a "taste in the air".

All of these effects are a result of the slightly increased Aura levels in the atmosphere. It usually takes a day to a day in a half for the Skybleed to reach its peak, which always happens very suddenly.

During a Skybleed, the sky ignites. Solar Skybleeds paint the sky bloody red or luminous gold. Lunar Skybleeds drench it in lavenders and cyans. Patterns of glowing lights, similar to the Aurora Borealis, dance and flicker between the clouds. Isolated bolts of pure Aura, similar in appearance to lightning, crackle between points in the atmosphere at random. The air appears to sparkle as tiny particles within it glow like embers.

Large Glowflora of the Skybleed's Luminosity may soak up so much Aura that they explode, scattering shrapnel and deadly energy in an unpredictable radius. Kaalite-rich rocks and pebbles of the Skybleed's Luminosity will rise from the ground. If the Skybleed is powerful enough and lasts long enough, large boulders or even entire floating islands may rip themselves free. On the flipside, pieces of the opposite Luminosity that are already floating will have their Aura supplies drained, dropping them.


Skybleeds can happen anywhere at any time. Their area of effect depends on the size, intensity, and angle of the Aura pulse responsible. Sometimes they affect only a few nearby settlements. Other times they can affect entire countries.

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