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Cactus Bloom Festival

In a very remote area of Saraya, a field of cactus blooms once a year during the night. Travellers gather to the area in the weeks leading up to it, bringing with them their own local foods and items to trade, building an impromptu market in the shade of the mountains beneath which the plants grow.


This festival has been held ever since the field of cactii was discovered to bear the fruit that it does by a group of merchants who called all they met to follow them to the beautiful display. When they returned they found it to have passed, but swore to figure out when it would happen again. Thus, they visited the following year to find their guess correct, and began to plan a great event for the following year, at the same time developing the first recipes to do with the prickly pears the plants bore.    Their first successful recipe was the jam they created, but soon after visitors figured out similar genius ideas such as mixing the fruit in an omelette, frying them and even a perfect little salad with the few fruits of the desert that complement the taste.


The blooming of the succulents occurs during the first month of what in an other world could be considered spring, and thus the festival goers begin planning and travelling to the area some time before such that they are able to set up camp and stalls. Merchants flock to be able to get a position closest to the field, so they can provide their food, wares, or services with the best view.   Meanwhile, those who simply attend to enjoy the environment spend the week either helping out in the temporary settlement, or simply spending their money to partake of anything and everything. Everyone at the festival switches their sleeping schedule to be awake during the night, if they weren't already, so that they can view the field when it is the most vibrant and under the light of the Seven Stars of Morning.

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