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The Seven Stars of Morning

The Seven Stars of Morning form an arc across the night sky of Saraya, with a lonely star in what would be the centre of the circle that the arc could form. All folk know their names, and many follow the teachings passed down by oral tradition about their divinity and symbolism. Children are told about how Azza ended the time before light, followed by her husband and the rest of the arc.

Names and Significance

  Azza, the First. Said to be the first star to ever shine in the sky, Azza symbolises leadership and hope. Her symbol is a compass, for she shines directly North all night long.   Balathir, the Bright is indeed brighter than his wife, however he is said to have appeared in the sky long after, and so he is known as her strong and noble lover. His symbol is a flower.   Cotillon, the Shooting Star or the Traveller. He often passes through the constellation, and on rare occasions fits right into the formation to continue the arc. Nights when this happens are called. Cotillon is in fact a moon of this world, however due to it's distance and diminutive size, it appears as a pinprick of light barely as bright as Azza and Balathir. His symbol is a shooting star, and many travellers wish upon him for good fortune.   Heos and Jhae, the Twins. Called as such for at one point they were one whole. They symbolise duality, life and death, light and dark, and so on. Their symbol is a coin split in half, with a hole punched through each part and a string passed through.   Kethys, the Lonely was the name given to the central star. She is the wise elder, and those who seek reprieve of hardship, especially one that is endured alone, pray to her for aid in their burden. She has no symbol, but clasped hands are a call for her help.   Muzan, the Seventh. Patron of sorcerers, for he appeared at the same time as the people of Saraya discovered magic. Because of this, few follow him, but those who do bear the Iron Knot.   Sanados, the Fallen, the Forgotten. As his name implies, most do not recall that there was an eighth star in the constellation, for the fall occurred far in the past.
Alternative Name(s)
The Arc

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