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Short introduction

The svant is a sort of mushroom native to the forests of northestern Erana. It is very small, with its thick, fleshy cap only reaching the size of a quails egg. They form colonies with individual fruiting bodies being individually strewn out over the size of the crown of the tree they form a symbiosis with.

Appearance and ecology

The fruiting bodies are small and greyish purple to greenish in colour. This makes some of the fruiting bodies easier to spot than others. In some rare cases a svants colouration isn't washed out and blending together but rather more sharp in contrast. The Skaura Orohlen sometimes call them Hrísa Geis, which means 'jewels of the forests'. Svant colonies grow where the crowns of the trees are not too dense as they prefer brighter areas. They form a symbiosis with trees, mainly beeches and maple trees.

Cultural role and use

The svant is considered a delicacy by the Skaura Orohlen and noone else. It is non-poisonous, but has a very distinct taste that is considered unpleasant by most. Tarrabaenians have described the taste as comparable to rotten roasted barley with an aftertaste of cooked white beans. Skaura Orohlen collect svant, when they go out hunting. The caps can't be eaten raw, but instead are often minced and fried with onions and stripes of venison. Their intense flavour combines with the intense taste of the onions serves as a seasoning for otherwise unseasoned meat.

"You shouldn't scrape that off. The others might feel offended if you waste our finest spices after being admitted to the tribes settlement."
- Drovak to Kudaiyê upon the first visit to Drovaks old home


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Jan 12, 2022 23:00 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Wow, that sounds like it would be a very acquired taste. I wonder how much the onions improve the flavour.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jan 15, 2022 10:03

Yes, I thought a bit of Nattō when writing these, though biologically speaking that is a completely different ballpark. I liked the idea of including something like that, because we have lots of examples of 'disgusting food' in the real world as well - French moldy cheese, Philippine incubated eggs, German sour innards .. so yeah, why not? :)

My world is Samthô - a 'as realistic as possible' fantasy-world, that's still in its childhood stage.
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