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Caiánus Fénius Fusillus

General introduction

During the short period of time in Tarrabaenian history called the Tarrabaenian Empire, conservative forces tried to reestablish the old republican system several times. One of these tries was called the Fusillian Conspiracy, named after Caiánus Fénius Fusillus, the head behind one attempt on Baius Válés Aemiliánus' life. Caiánus was a member of the families dislocated from a relative position of power or at least easier access to one by stripping them of their status of patricians and declaring them commoners. These families were called 'levátí parrící' – diminished patricians. While society provided in part for social mobility and allowed commoners to rise up the ranks, the patrician families were always considered a distinct circle, even if their individual family's position had become less important since the early days of the republic.

Family background and personal history

The Fusillian family was one of the politically less active patrician families during the late first republican phase of the Confederation of Tarrabaenia. Having amassed sufficient riches earlier, the family members were mostly content with governing their numerous farms and apartment houses and collecting the revenue they produced. The inflowing money was then used to finance all sorts of luxuries, sometimes even those in stark opposition to the old Tarrabaenian values, like avoiding military service by buying oneself out of this obligation. Fusillus, however, adhered strongly to those traditional values and joined the military with high aspirations. While he was supposedly not especially talented, he made friends within the army quickly, using his family's resources to gain favour with his military peers.

On the other hand he was part in a network of levátí parrící discontent with their loss of status. This position enabled him to network with a considerable amount of people on the one hand well enough off to mobilise huge amounts of resources, on the other hand to directly or indirectly use those resources to destabilise Baius Válés Aemiliánus.

The Fusillian Conspiracy and co-conspirators

In the beginning the conspiracy was more of a well organised storage and distribution organisation to kit criminals up with weaponry and information regarding travels or transports of Baius Válés Aemiliánus' confidants' or their goods and wares. This put pressure on the emperor by forcing him to direct large amounts of Men and money into security. On the other hand it was directly the military's resources which were drained due to Fusillus manipulating his friends in the army to sell weapons to those criminals for their personal gain.

After a while, some kind of shadow army existed. Bandits, waylayers, murderers, outcasts, fully equipped with quality weapons and armour from the military stash.

Exposure and death

It did not take long until Fusillus was confident enough to contact the individual cells that had formed within that shadow army directly. The movement had become noticably big and confident. While not having a political agenda, the wish to take matters into their own hands grew constantly, creating a necessity for Fusillus to establish himself in a leading position as the wirepuller and benefactor in the background. This of course could not go unnoticed.

On one fateful night in late February of the year 3139 of the Era of the Earth, the exact date is unknown, Fusillus held a banquet in his house in Savína. Among the invited guests were distinguished figures of the shadow army. This was witnessed by members of The Indigo Guard, which at that time were routinely used to strengthen the ranks of the capital army to maintain law and order in Savína. The information was relayed to the security apparatus of the emperor. Fusillus had become to bold, relying on his army contacts to keep his manipulations secret, without paying attention to the emperors very own army. The house was surrounded and the banquetters slaughtered by The Indigo Guard.


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27 Sep, 2022 13:11

I like it. It seems that the empire was quite good at dealing with potential rebels. I understand that not everyone from the shadow army was present at the banquet. What happened with them?

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