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Undeath is the catch all term for any condition that causes the creature affected by it to enter a state similar to life while still being dead.

Transmission & Vectors

Undeath can come from a wide array of means, ranging anywhere from curses to bites of affected creatures to even self inflicted undeath. Depending on the type of undeath, this can spread very quickly or not spread at all.


The only consistent symptom across all forms of undeath is the death of the affected creature.


Most undeath can be treated with resurrection magic, though the intensity required varies from type to type. Some strains, such as Vampirism, are unaffected by resurrection magic, though these creatures can usually still be revived into their undead state if killed completely.


All forms of undeath cause the creature to die, so the condition is considered to be quite fatal.


All known forms of undeath can be prevented by avoiding all contact with an affected creature.

Cultural Reception

Undeath as a whole is feared by all but those who are affected by it, with few exceptions. One of such exceptions is vampirism, which is worshipped in some specific religious cults.

Chronic, Acquired

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