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True Dragons

The term true dragon is a genus of Dragons that consists of any draconic creature that has four legs (specifically two front legs and two back legs) and two wings attached to its back. True dragons in every form are considerably powerful creatures, being strong both physically and magically. All true dragons are capable of firing off a magical breath weapon, though the exact nature and power of this ability varies between species and age.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

All true dragons follow a very specific growth pattern, though the ages in which they reach these categories of growth vary between species.  


  Wyrmlings, or hatchlings, are the first post-egg stage of a true dragon's life. In this stage, they are already able to spray foes with their magical breath, though their attacks are very simple and not all that dangerous to a seasoned adventurer. However, they are still dangerous enough to become a nuisance to simple folk. With the exception of Crystal Dragons, this is the shortest life stage of any true dragon. In this stage, most true dragons are unable to speak, though they can communicate with creatures that can speak Telepathy and can learn languages taught to them in this way.  

Young Dragons

  Young true dragons are in their adolescent stage of development. During this stage, they grow drastically, consuming large amounts of food and becoming genuine problems in the surrounding areas. They also rapidly learn how to speak, with most speaking Draconic and Common. Some true dragons become proficient spellcasters in this stage, though most who learn spells learn them in their adult stage.  

Adult Dragons

  Adults, as the name implies, is the adult stage of all true dragons. In this stage, true dragons will almost universally found a lair in which they will call their home, and often will start modifying the terrain around them to suit their needs. This can range anywhere from minor changes to the landscape, such as increased vegetation and wildlife, to vastly altered terrain, such as changing all living matter into crystalline versions.  

Ancient Dragons

  Ancient dragons are the largest, oldest growth stage of true dragons seen on any of the known planes. They are massive, powerful, and their mere presence is more than enough to command respect. Many ancient true dragons are magic users, though whether this is minor spells or the ability to cast similar to that of a Wizard varies between both species and the individual dragon. Ancient dragons have incredible pools of wisdom, though they are sometimes reluctant to share this wisdom with those around them.  


  A true dragon is considered a wyrm when they reach a size in which no region of their home planet can provide them with enough food to survive. Once this happens, they use their magic abilities that they gained in their ancient growth stage to create a Portal to another plane of existence. Whether or not they create their own plane or travel to a preexisting one is unknown, as no one has ever seen a true dragon after they have left their home plane in this way, or at least seen them and survived to be able to recount their sightings.  

Great Wyrms

  Great wyrms are the hypothesized final growth stage of a true dragon. As the dragon continues to exist and consume on their new plane of existence, they would likely continue to grow in size, strength, and magical ability. Eventually, it is likely that these creatures become powerful enough to challenge the Gods themselves, claiming godhood as their own.

Ecology and Habitats

The regions that are most suitable for a true dragon to live in vary between different species'. However, most true dragons are capable of altering the nature around them by the time they are ancient dragons, if not earlier, so even regions that are not normally suitable to such a creature can become highly habitable for them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The diet of a true dragon varies vastly between different species', ranging anywhere from stones to plants to meat to even specifically humanoids.

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