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Parade of Flowers

The Parade of Flowers is a parade held during the Red Star Floral Festival. It marks the halfway point of the festival and involves a large number of floats riding the roads along the outside of the town. These floats are covered in massive amounts of flowers organized to look like various story characters, objects, or known heroes, and can range from the size of a horse to towering 60 feet off the ground. Various candies and treats are often thrown from the floats by volunteers to the children watching below. The Parade of Flowers is known to be the busiest part of the festivities, and because of this many store owners will build floats to help advertise and bring in business later in the day. While some of the floats make a complete loop around the city, many opt to only ride around part of the city due to the size. Floats that loop around the entire city usually take about 8 hours to make their rounds.

Components and tools

While a few floats are simple carriages with the floral arrangements laid out on them, the majority of floats are much more complex, using various wire riggings and housing large stockpiles of treats, sweets, and other goods.

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