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Moglas are large elemental beast native to The Intersecting Plane Of Magma. They are known both for their elephant like looks and strength, and for their unique ability to spit globs of magma at creatures threatening them.

Basic Information


Moglas have 4 thick stumplike legs and a large body, with a head that protrudes straight forward from the body.

Genetics and Reproduction

Moglas mate with one partner for life, almost always refusing to mate if their partner has died or is taken by some other means. Female moglas have a gestation period of 3 years, after which they give live birth to an average of 1-2 children.

Ecology and Habitats

Moglas thrive in extremely hot environments that have large amounts of stone, magma, and/or obsidian.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Moglas eat stones, melting them down into magma and using them both as a self defense mechanism and as a food source. The type of stone does not have an adverse effect on a mogla, though they prefer softer stones. They also can consume Obsidian, which is much easier for them to digest and a much more energy efficient food source.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Moglas follow a very basic familial structure, bonding for life with the parents watching over their children until they successfully bond to a mate of their own.


While they cannot be domesticated, they can be bonded to and can become incredibly loyal creatures if treated kindly and trained properly.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Moglahide is incredibly valuable as clothing and armor due to its incredibly soft feel and its ability to resist intense heats. Because of this, many moglas are poached in the elemental planes, though this is illegal in all but the Elemental Plane of Earth.

Facial characteristics

Moglas have a short, thick trunk that progresses into a large bulb at the end. They lack visible ears, instead having small holes in the place their ears should be. Their eyes are mostly a large black pupil, with a thin white ring that can close about fifty percent of the pupil while in brighter areas.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Moglas are naturally born in the Intersecting Plane of Magma, but are often taken from the plane for circuses and zoos, and can be very rarely found in incredibly hot regions such as a volcano or the Sal-Emen Desert, along with both The Elemental Plane of Earth and The Elemental Plane of Fire.

Average Intelligence

Moglas measure in at around a 4.1 on the Mostlin Scale.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Moglas have basic Tremorsense and a strong Darkvision.
Moglas can live to be around 250 years old.
Conservation Status
The hunting of moglas is illegal in many places, due to their limited numbers. Zoos and other organizations that own more than one mogla are required to produce one offspring every 5 years to increase the population of the creatures. This has lead to issues of forced bonding between two moglas, putting the creatures under extreme duress and vastly shortening their lifespans, along with the issue of releasing child moglas into the wild far before they are old enough to defend themselves.
Average Height
Males usually measure around 8 feet tall, while females average around 10.
Average Weight
The average male mogla is around 4500 kg, while the average female is closer to 5500 kg.
Average Length
Males usually measure around 8 feet long, while females average around 10.
Average Physique
Moglas are massive, hulking creatures, easily capable of taking down a small building with little to no effort. Shaped similar to an elephant, but with short legs and a much more square body, they're frequently used to carry large loads or as siege weaponry.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Moglas have a thick, soft brown skin with a very thin brown fur covering the entirety of its body.

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