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Sal-Emen Desert

The Sal-Emen desert is the large desert surrounding Sal-Emen and the nearby cities. It is a dry, hot place, with very little life outside of Sal-Emen itself and the other settlements.


Mostly flat, though there are a few sandy hills in various locations. There are two small oasises hidden deep in the desert itself.

Fauna & Flora

Few species can manage the severe heat of the desert, and the ones that do have special protection to do so. Fire and stone elementals appear occasionally, wandering aimlessly across the sand. Various species of cacti provide food and drink for the reptiles hardy enough to survive the heat. Some sand worms exist in the desert also, hunting travelers by the vibrations of their footsteps.

Natural Resources

Lots of sand for creating glass, the rare gemstone deep in the sand, along with sandstone which can be polished into jewelry.


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