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Flozzen is an uncommon mineral used primarily in the making of airships and other flying vehicles.


Physical & Chemical Properties

While flozzen has no unique properties in its natural state, when exposed to electricity, whether magical or natural, it begins to rapidly rise into the air. When provided with enough charge, this force is strong enough to lift objects twice as heavy as the original stone was.

Geology & Geography

Flozzen can be found in the ground of most continents, though it seems to form more frequently in warmer regions of Ruten.

Origin & Source

Flozzen is usually found anywhere between 5000 and 10000 feet below ground level in small pockets, though much larger pockets have been found and it has occasionally been found as close to the surface as 200 feet.

Life & Expiration

Flozzen stays stable unless heated to high heats, at which point it violently erupts and decays into molten rock, which hardens into Obsidian.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Flozzen is primarily used in airships and other flying vehicles as a primary way to counteract the weight of the ship and its cargo. It is also commonly used in personal safety equipment, primarily by miners working in ravines or other mining operations that could involve long falls. Nobles also sometimes use flozzen for accents around their homes, such as floating planters or torches.

Industrial Use

While it is not used directly in the manufacturing of goods, it is often used for making heavy equipment or large containers of cargo easier to move, primarily by attaching large chunks of flozzen to the object.

Environmental Impact

Due to the nature of flozzen, many large chunks have been lost in the sky due to broken cables and the likes. Once the battery charging the rock runs out, the flozzen falls, carrying all the dangers of any other large falling rock.



Special storage is only required for permanently charged flozzen, requiring a roof or some other form of attachment that will permanently hold the rock down.
Flozzen is near scentless.
Flozzen does not have a particularly unique taste, tasting similar to most igneous rocks.
Flozzen has a natural pale pink coloration to it, though while exposed to electricity this changes to a glowing red.
Common State
Flozzen is almost exclusively found as a solid, and is explosively volatile in liquid and gaseous forms.


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