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Astral Ether

Astral Ether is a rare material found naturally on The Astral Plane. It is said to be the energy from the Astral Plane condensed into a physical form, and can be used for many different kinds of objects and alloys.


Physical Characteristics

Astral ether naturally forms as semitransparent blue crystalline structures that have been likened to "frozen stars", ranging in size from as small as a fist to as big as a castle. It has a natural luminescence that pulses from a faint glow to roughly as bright as a candle's flame over the period of approximately ten seconds.


Astral ether is known to have neutral buoyancy in the Astral Plane's atmosphere, though it is likely that magic plays a part in this effect.


Astral ether can be mixed with almost any metal or mineral to create an astral variant of the material, such as Astral Copper, Astral Gold, and even Astral Rosedium.

Geology & Geography

Astral ether can be found floating anywhere in the Astral Plane.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Astral ether is primarily used as a decorative material for showing wealth, and serves a secondary use as a filler material for much more valuable materials. It is also occasionally used to make astral materials.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Due to its link to the Astral Plane, which was originally thought to be the origin of the Gods, astral ether has a large number of religious uses. Most notably, Gilean has strong ties to the material.

Reusability & Recycling

Large pieces of astral ether can be broken down into smaller pieces and used for other objects. However, melting down astral ether that has been melted down previously significantly weakens the material, making it near useless for anything but small trinkets.


Trade & Market

Astral ether is primarily traded as a luxury good. It is also used in trade components, specifically Astral Coins.


Astral ether does not require any special storage methods.

Very rare.
Astral ether has no smell.
Astral ether has no taste.
Boiling / Condensation Point
Astral ether is not known to boil.
Common State

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