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Weaveite is a sudo-naturally occurring crystalline-mineral substance which is highly valued throughout all of Runetalras. Physically weavite looks like large crystals which faintly glows a sickly blue colour. Weaveite is only capable of forming in areas where the boundaries between the Weave and Runetalras are incredibly thin; with weaveite known to form being the Free State of Aarelan, Kingdom of Selu’Qidar, and the Wild Isles, while a deposit of weaveite once being discovered with the northern Cidarth Forest before it was destroyed and the weavite mined to extinction by the guilds of the Guildlands.  

Uses and Misuses

  Weaveite is a diverse, rare, and sometimes dangerous substance, with a great number of practical uses. Weaveite in its natural state is a volatile substance prone to arcane micro-explosions, which while not affecting terrain is damaging to creatures, it is also an addictive drug which provides a high of ecstasy, and an even greater one to those capable of casting arcane magic; to use weaveite as a drug one only needs to consume it in its unrefined form. Weaveite is also capable of being refined into powder, then distilled into a liquid. This refined weaveite has a number of functions, firstly it serves as a cure or treatment to dimeritium poisoning, it helps those whose magic is beginning manifest maintain control over the rapid influx of arcane power, and finally, is capable of both empowering arcane spells and revitalising one's ability to cast more spells; for this reason refined weaveite being called mana. Raw weaveite is also capable of being transformed into activated weaveite through the infusion of arcane energy, once activated weaveite beings to vibrant glow, with its colour depending upon the type of magic that activated it. Activated weaveite is capable of altering the fundamental laws of physics, with its primary use creating floating cities and buildings, with the Free State of Aarelan currently experimenting with sky ships.  

Weave Aberrations

In areas surrounding weaveite weave aberrations are extraordinarily common, though it is currently unknown if this is a direct result of weaveite or just because weaveite forms in areas where the boundaries between Runetalras and the Weave are naturally thin.
Blue (in its natural form)

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